Community outreach organisations

180Wellbeing understands that community outreach organisations service the most vulnerable clients within the community. The community outreach organisations that we work with typically service the community with resources and practical support.

180Wellbeing offers services through these community outreach organisations in the form of training sessions, therapeutic services or allied health services under Medicare or offered in kind, for example, room hire. Our team is experienced in working within the community and tailoring services to client needs, to encourage engagement and ensure relevance.

Community outreach organisations we help

1. Organisations with no clinical teams

Often-times, organisations receive complex referrals for which they are completely funded but not entirely resourced to fully service. Rather than turning away potential clients because you are unable to offer them clinical services as part of your package, why not adopt a strengths based approach and let us take care of the clinical support while you do what you do best? By being there for you in this way, 180Wellbeing enables you to extend your organisation’s capabilities and ability help more clients, in more ways.

2. Organisations with clinical teams that are operating at full capacity

We also help in cases where your clinical team might be over-extended, with demand for clinical services increasing still. In this scenario, 180Wellbeing helps you scale up your existing capabilities so that you can readily address the increasing demands being placed upon your resources. Depending on your operational situation, there are cost savings and other efficiencies to be had by hiring us for a period of time as opposed to taking on additional staff. Your organisation’s morale and reputation will also benefit immensely from the reduction of waiting lists and waiting times.

How we deliver services to your clients

We understand that often travelling can feel unsafe or can be difficult to arrange for clients. Our team travels to meet with clients at the community outreach organisations we work with, as needed. Where services are offered in kind, 180Wellbeing often frequent the community outreach organisations in an office or appropriate space up to once a fortnight.

Community outreach organisations may find that their clients are unable to access services through Medicare, or private practice due to lack of access to the appropriate documentation or resources. 180Wellbeing offers quality services, often bulk billed, with minimal waiting time.

180Wellbeing can offer services to the clients of community outreach organisations bulk billed, at reduced costs or free depending on the nature of the partnership with the organisation and the capacity of the client.

Next steps
To learn more about our work with community outreach organisations, please contact us.

To book a service or workshop, you can complete the online referral form which you will find when you click on the “Make a referral” button below. Once the referral has been received one of the friendly 180Wellbeing staff will contact you to get things going.