Restricted practices

Legislative requirements in NSW are increasingly prohibiting the use of restrictive practices in key industries such as out of home care, disability support, respite care and day programs for the disabled. Staff working in these areas need to understand their responsibilities regarding client rights and if their everyday client management procedures incorporate restrictive practices they will need to be modified or reconsidered under new legislation.

All agencies in the client services sector that have employees using restrictive practices will need to document, monitor and phase out these practices. This training will also introduce participants to the strengths-based model of case management and recovery and how it can be used in community-based services to replace a restrictive practices model and improve outcomes for clients.

Restricted practices

What you will learn

  • Legislative context and its governance implication
  • How to recognise the use of restrictive practices in non-clinical workplaces and document incidences
  • Alternative ways of shaping behavior
  • How to create phase-out strategies


This course is offered as a series of tailored units depending on the depth of training required. The cost is for a group of up to 20 participants.

  • One-hour taster – $300
  • Half day intensive – $800
  • Full day comprehensive – $1,500

*Pricing subject to review in September 2017

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