Asylum seeker and refugee wellbeing

Asylum seekers and refugees often face unique challenges that differentiate their needs from other community groups. This training will give you the background and skills required to effectively support this client group.

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Wellbeing

What you will learn

  • What is an asylum seeker
  • What is a refugee
  • The journey – what causes people to leave their home country
  • Health and wellbeing challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees
  • Effectively meeting the needs of asylum seekers and refugees


This course is offered as a series of tailored units depending on the depth of training required. The cost is for a group of up to 20 participants.

  • One-hour taster – $300
  • Half day intensive – $800
  • Full day comprehensive – $1,500

*Pricing subject to review in September 2017

How do I book?
To learn more about the training we provide or book a session with us please contact us on 02 9672 9200 or email [email protected]

Alternatively, you can complete the online referral form which you will find when you click on the “Refer a team for a workshop” button below. Once the referral has been received one of the friendly 180Wellbeing staff will contact you to get things going.