Psychology services

180Wellbeing provides psychology services such as assessments, counselling and behaviour support for people living in the community or who are already linked with another service or school. The most common assessments requested from our psychology practice by customers are for mental health and IQ that can be used to improve understanding and treatment outcomes.

Our psychologists also provide counselling to improve mental health or manage stressful events. Counselling is proven to be a very effective way to reduce anxiety and help people to work through stressful life events and improve their relationships.

180Wellbeing specialises in Psychology Services
180Wellbeing specialises in Psychology Services

Meeting with a psychologist is easy and appointments can be made over the phone or by completing our online referral form. Once the referral has been received one of the 180Wellbeing team will contact you to learn more about your needs and book an appointment.


The types of psychology services we offer

Individual counselling

More than 20% of Australians experience mental illness in any year. Individual counselling involves meeting with a psychologist over several weeks to learn how to improve and regain mental health. Marist180 provides individual counselling for relationship issues, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug use and trauma. Individual counselling can be funded through paying a fee for the service and claiming through Medicare or Workcover. Individual counselling is available at the 180Wellbeing Office in Blacktown or other agreed upon, convenient locations in Western Sydney.

Group counselling

Another psychology service that we offer in group counselling. Group counselling is available to the following three groups:

    • Individuals that may have experienced a traumatic experience in the past which currently affects them negatively.
    • Individuals who experience anxiety
    • Individuals who experience depression

Group counselling can be funded through paying a fee for the service and claiming through Medicare.


Our team also provides psychological assessment services in which we are able to provide deeper insights about certain areas of an individual’s mental faculties. These assessments are carried out using contemporary, industry standard methods which guarantee accurate results for our clients. Areas for which we provide assessments include:

    • Mental health
    • Intelligence (IQ)
    • Learning and functioning


We use our expertise to provide consultation services for organisations that work with clients that experience mental ill health. Our team uses a psychology perspective to help our client organisations in understanding and executing well in the following areas:

    • Appropriate supports and services for clients
    • Treatment options to offer clients in different cases
    • Implementation of evidence based practices to improve care and wellbeing


We provide the following types of psychology and mental health related training for workplaces:

    • Youth Mental Health First Aid
    • Standard Mental Health First Aid
    • Blended Mental Health First Aid for the white collar workplace
    • Blended Mental Health First Aid for University Students.
    • Strengths Model of Case Management
    • Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) Model of trauma informed care

Behaviour support

Challenging behaviour can occur in the workplace, in the home and in the school and can place both staff and the person who has the challenging behaviour at risk of harm. We help to reduce the risk.

With our objective to reduce risk, we help client organisations, families and individuals by developing and implementing psychologically sound behaviour support plans for challenging behaviour. Challenging behaviour may include anger, physical violence and sexually inappropriate behaviour.


We write official reports for schools, NDIS, courts and Centrelink based on the type of psychological input that each institution needs.


Who needs our psychology services?

    • Students who are struggling academically
    • Individuals that are finding it difficult to cope in the workplace
    • Individuals that are finding it difficult to cope with everyday life
    • Workplaces experiencing difficulty with managing challenging behaviours
    • Schools experiencing difficulty with managing challenging behaviours

What happens now?
If you find yourself needing help along the lines of the psychological help described above you can contact the service directly or complete the online referral form which you will find when you click on “Refer someone for support”. Once the referral has been received one of the friendly 180Wellbeing staff will contact you and arrange a convenient time to complete the assessment.