Support with challenging behaviours

Challenging behaviour can occur in the workplace, in the home and in the school and can place both staff and the person who has the challenging behaviour at risk of harm. The staff at 180Wellbeing have many years of experience in reducing and eliminating challenging behaviour.

Help with challenging behaviour is for anyone whose behaviour prevents them achieving their goals or is causing their relationships, their place with their family, their school, their accommodation or their work to be at risk. Services commonly ask for help with challenging behaviour because the alternative might be to exit the person with challenging behaviour from the service.

Reducing and eliminating challenging behaviour reduces the risk of harm for all parties and allows the person who uses challenging behaviour to communicate to have their needs to have their needs met without using this behaviour. Both the person, and the people who work and live them, are then able to focus on their goals without any risk once the challenging behaviour is gone.

Tackling challenging behaviour begins with a comprehensive assessment of the person and their behaviour followed by practical strategies that family, staff and other people working with the person can use to firs reduce and then stop the behaviour. Staff continue to meet with family and staff to make sure that the strategies are still effective and regular checks mean that any changes can be made promptly.

What happens now?
If you find yourself needing help with challenging behaviour you can contact the service directly or complete the online referral form which you will find when you click on “Refer someone for support”. Once the referral has been received one of the friendly 180Wellbeing staff will contact you and arrange a convenient time to complete the assessment.