180Wellbeing provides a client-centred, tailored and holistic approach to wellbeing. We engage our clients by ensuring they are heard, and their choices are supported and respected.

Our psychologists assess, provide education, tailor and then deliver appropriate treatment to people of all ages dependent on their needs and personal goals.

We help individuals
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Groups of individuals we help

1. All people from all walks of life who are finding it difficult to cope mentally

Sometimes the causes of poor mental health are not always known. We encourage anyone who is finding it difficult to cope mentally to get in touch so that we can take steps to getting you well again. Your mental wellbeing is very important.

2. People who have experienced hardships that have resulted in significant trauma

Many of our clients have been through significant hardships the likes of which have resulted in significant trauma and the various behavioural and mental consequences of that. We are aware that a lot of previous experiences in seeking assistance and support have been not been adequate to meet the needs of many potential clients of ours. Our main goal is to make sure that we work past those previous experiences and set them on their recovery journey.

The majority of our clients come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. They may be displaced or lacking stable accommodation, and often have been without a stable and supportive social or family group for some time. If the above sounds like you, we’d like to have a chat to discuss how we can support you.

3. People with delayed language skills

We also help people that need support with building language skills. Our speech pathology services can assist clients both young and old. When working with this group of people, we focus on building good foundations and supports so that we set our client on a sustainable path to achieving their goals.

4. People experiencing difficulty coping in social situations

Our goal is to provide our clients with the skills and confidence they need to navigate social situations and make the most out of their relationships in the family and community.

5. Young people experiencing difficulty coping school situations

We offer assistance with skill building in the area of school and social situations for young people. We provide tests to assess cognitive delays where necessary, as well as mental and emotional support and treatment.

We also work with schools and families to build good foundations and supports for children who may be experiencing delays in relation to their peers.

We proactively manage appointments

180Wellbeing recognises the difficulty that many of our clients have with attending appointments, this may be due to disengagement due to lack of appropriate services in the past, or it may be due to difficulty travelling to locations to access these services. 180Wellbeing offers counselling and therapeutic services in a number of convenient locations in Western Sydney and can negotiate to meet clients in any area that is convenient and safe for them. 180Wellbeing Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services are provided both at the home of our clients, as well as other significant environments such as the school or workplace of the client.

Next steps
To learn more about the services we provide please contact us.

To request a service or workshop, please complete the online referral form which you will find when you click on the “Make a referral” button below. Once the referral has been received one of the friendly 180Wellbeing staff will contact you to get things going.